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Record Shops in Brighton

From roaming gangs of b-boys hungry for unplundered breakbeats to lovers of irony, looking for long-forgotten aberrations to love, anew, ironically. Brighton offers a high concentration of decent, independent, new and second hand record shops, and this is a good thing. A hundred quid, a few compilations and bosh bosh bosh, you’re a DJ.


25 North Street, Brighton   01273 771959

Ape isn't just a cool independent website, it also has a shop in Brighton (and one in Tunbridge Wells).


41 Gardner St, North Laine   01273 818611  

Brighton’s best independent for new vinyl and CDs. Funk’n’rock and soul’n’roll, judicious hip hop and drum & bass, all priced fair and decent. The owner was a personal friend of the late, great Byrd, Gene Clark, and the UK Air Guitar Champion works here.


4 Bartholomews, The Lanes 01273 747400

A young upstart dealing in house and techno. Keeps most of its records behind the counter for added intimidation. Only serious DJs need apply.                                            


39a Sydney St, North Laine 01273 624774  

Specialising in ‘advanced electronic music’, offering a knowledgeable and enthusiastic service to anyone who’s simply up for checking out some good records.                    


129 Western Rd, Hove 01273 220023  

Best in Brighton for drum’n’bass, also sells techno and hip hop reissues. Friendly and enthusiastic staff should be able to sort you out if you’re lost in the jungle.                  


111 Gloucester Rd. North Laine 01273 676509  

A reasonably bohemian mix of jungle, breakbeats and reggae, with considerate seats for shopped-out girls while their b-boy boyfriends rifle through the racks.                  


First Floor, 6 Kensington Gardens, North Laine 01273 628262  

Upstairs in the Hive retail collective, the place for all contemporary curios, lo-fi, independents and hip hop. Contains bewildering genres you didn’t know had been invented packed in impossibly tight racks.


91 Trafalgar St. North Laine 01273 571605

Looks like a flaky flouro outlet, but along with its virtual equivalent is responsible for filling the record bags of hard house DJs all around the world. Also trance, nu nrg and techno. Banging tunes indeed.


40 Trafalgar St. North Laine 01273 672512  

Real old Brighton seeps out of every crooked, damp joist of this chaotic shrine to all the ages of vinyl records. The place to come for oddities, country, jazz and soundtracks of movies you never knew were made.


8 Terminus Rd, Brighton 01273 323853  

Extraordinary, as unique as it gets and the oldest record shop in the UK. Run by the venerable George Ginn who sells only mint condition vinyl, mostly soundtracks and is a man of global repute. Sound him out on the subject of CDs (they represent the downfall of civilisation), and elicit a magnificent stream of gentlemanly ire.


19 Brighton Square, The Lanes 01273 325440  

Another institution of venerable longevity. Good for new vinyl, independent and major, its selection getting better all the time. Major ticket outlet for gigs.


24 Trafalgar St. North Laine 01273 673744  

Paradise for eternal bedroom boys. Good for hoary old chestnuts and blues with a treasure-trove basement, full of 7” and 12’ artifacts. Equal space given to books, the crime and occult sections being noteworthy.  

Reviews by Nick Elson & Lyndsey Winship

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