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Sounds Phenomenal Recordings

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Sounds Phenomenal - A History

In The Beginning 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Credits


Those who are or have been SP, you are hereby saluted!:

Including (and in no particular order) - Lawrence Russell, Gary Cox, Julian Fairhill, Carrie Polin, Angela Patterson, Jaie, Dion Rollinson, Paul Clarkin, Sach Makumbi, Rosanna Martin-Rae, Denis Byrne, Naomi Alexander, Barry Hulyer, Alison Noble, Christianne Beck, Joanne Arrowsmith, Jonathan Foxton, Dave Tribe, Dom Pates, Dom Robinson, Rob Brown, Paul Eustice, Jayne Routley, Tim Rose, Lois Teague, Simon D’souza, John Bedford, Tracy Salt, Tarek Khalil, Dom Green, Bindi Cartwright, and many, many others.


This credit list is just the beginning and will be added to over time. If you have been involved in Sounds Phenomenal in the past and are missing from this list, please drop a line to mail [a] soundsphenomenal [dot] org and we’ll try and include you here. Remember to let us know how you were involved.

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